Grief and the Poem of Hope. (In Memory Of Jo Cox MP.) by Martin Perry.

More tears

Than blood flows

Grief drowns

Out hate

Let it be so


Rivers of kindness

Crack the dams and spring forth hope

Drown down voices of cold hard blame


Wake me

In future of golden promise

A season green

Rain washes off death from the road


Tomorrow be our day

Clean will we be


Martin Perry is an established Plymouth poet well known for performing and reading his work at many different readings and events around the city. Once a member of Plymouth’s Waterfront Writers; he has regularly read at Cross Country Writer’s events run by Kenny Knight, and has appeared at Wonderzoo, Blackbooks, and The Word happenings on many occasions. The poem above is a lament for the assassinated Labour Member of Parliament, Jo Cox, who was murdered earlier this year.


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