Yowl by Peter Golding

“My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?”

Was the last utterance of Jesus,

And, if it was, where does that leave us?

The last utterance of his only begotten son

To his paterfamilias,

                   A cry of anguish,

                   A cry of distress;

                   A yowl of an orphan.


My God, my God, how could you forsake,

Your only begotten son?

And, if He can, where does that leave Man

And our pleas to our sovereign:

                         You, omnipotent,

                         You, omnipresent,

                         You, omniscient,

                         Yowl us orphans.


My God, my God if you can forsake

Your only begotten son

Then you can forsake all your children

And all our pleadings go unheeded:

               Eternal indifference,

               Immutable insouciance,

              Celestial negligence,

              Yowl us, the un-entreated.


My God my God, if you can forsake

Your only begotten son,

Then you can forsake every Christian,

And all their orisons only exhalations:

             Their psalms absurd,

             Their songs unheard,

             Incantations ignored,

             Yowl us the god forsaken.


My god, my god, if you can forsake

Your only begotten son,

It makes a mockery of compassion,

And, all of us, foundlings:

            Us, bastards,

            Cursed cast-offs,

            Unrequited lovers,

            Yowl us groundlings.


Peter Golding was born in Redruth Miner’s Hospital in the 1950’s, but has lived in Plymouth on and off for the best part of forty years. Having worked for the majority of the time as a Sociology lecturer at City College, he is now retired, a proud grandfather, and very happily divorced. 


One Comment Add yours

  1. Julian Howes says:

    nice one Pete, feel your feelings left somewhat muted, tho…


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