Welcome to Everybody -People Not Polemics/ Chameleon. (Plymouth/Brest Writer’s Exchange Workshop 2016 – Part 2)

Welcome to Everybody – People Not Polemics 

Tumbling dice. Words are actions.

Language aids knowledge.

Interpretate at leisure.

She wouldn’t dare.

‘Give me a cup of tea.’

Le Franglais. Entente Cordiale.

Because here, Rimbaud, is not dead!



Be thankful for today because in the moment your entire life could change.

Now it is raining. Hope. Keeping us warm.

Karantez love amour. Enjoy.

Crossing the water. Une petite manche ā traverser.

Free like a bird. Listen. I distance myself for a reason.

An gré des flots la baleine engloutit les mots.

Ma poisson est mort. My tailor is rich.

Walking the talk. Across the channel.


These are the first in a series of collective poems and prose pieces which form a part of the Plymouth/Brest Writer’s Exchange 2016. They were composed at a writers workshop at 96 Union Corner on the 30th October 2016 from random snatches of language written on to cards. The theme of the workshop was exchange of ideas, culture, language.


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