Plymouth – Like The Call Of Adventure! (Plymouth/Brest Writer’s Exchange Workshop 2016 – Part 1)

Une plante a besoin de tacines pour survivere. Remain in the name of friendship! Exchange delicious encounters between two twins talking. Talking & parler deux langues en une. The butterfly became a caterpillar – the long and winding road – Des lieux d’art inattendus nous attendant! Montrez moi vos ‘etchings.’ Mélanger les frites avec les chips! Mots au gré du vent! Hypnotic sunbeam. Zut alors! Great to meet you! 

To be easy and free to exchange music. Music full of laughter. We sat, and met, and learned together, and grew together. J’ai fait un néve… From the outside we see more clearly. Une tomate au soleil c’est mieux qu’un homard ā l’ombre. Les échanges nous changent… Life is a constant exchange. Change sans vien changer. Why not exchange every day? Here we have started… Let us build bridges not walls! ‘When in doubt wash,’ said the kitten’s mother. Let us exchange fleas. I’ll swap all your euros for a pound! Enjoy entente cordiale! I hate whole sentences which don’t change anything! 


These are the first in a series of collective poems and prose pieces which form a part of the Plymouth/Brest Writer’s Exchange 2016. They were composed at a writers workshop at 96 Union Corner on the 30th October 2016 from random snatches of language written on to cards. The theme of the workshop was exchange of ideas, culture, language.


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