Cher Francois Villon/Dear Francois Villon by Mélisande Fitzsimons

Cher François Villon

Nous sommes assis sous ton ombre

les yeux noirs de freux

le vent porte tant de plaisirs

sans retenue

baisers précieux, petits dés de douceur


Dear Francois Villon

We are sitting near zero time

our eyes cave in, dark as ravens

the wind carries so much pleasure

without ever stopping

precious kisses, small thimbles of warmth


Mélisande Fitzsimons is French, and has lived in Plymouth since 2001. Her work has been published in the Uk, the Us, and in her native France. She writes in both French and English, but her poems are so different in their intent and use of language that she claims it’s like having a double life. Mélisande finds it fascinating to write in a language that is not here own: ‘It is daunting, transgressive, frustrating and exciting,’ she says.



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