In Search of the Holy Grail by Mike Green


I felt the ghosts of yesteryear holding my thoughts to ransom, while I sleepwalk on the edge of insanity… waiting for the bogey man to bring my last request.


My mind dressed in twisted concepts, thoughts raging against the constraints of a flawed morality, where humanity exists only at the whim of those who would destroy it. Cruel world, where those who wish only to live, must first give credence to those who want only everything… and then some.


Their rollercoaster world crashing from one depression to the next, the highs achieved on the backs of others who strive to stay afloat in a whirlpool of monetary greed. Bankers jacking off to the sound of their inflated egos braying from their ivory towers, safe in the knowledge that for them, clouds will always have a silver lining. The rest of us can eat shit and die… for all they care.


The promises of a new tomorrow where the sun always shines, and hard work brings its own reward, lost on the young pretenders vying for their place at the trough. While the old stare out of dirty windows, a long way from paradise; their pension pots not big enough to piss in.


Our world teeters on the brink of self-destruction. As we run out of fuel for our never ending consumerism, we give permission to frack ourselves in the arse to find more, is there no end to our shame… our wanton lust and greed. Mother Nature must lift her skirts again.


The new Barbarians clamouring at the gates of Eden, chanting the religion of death to all those who would think for themselves, their only justice meted out at the point of a gun. Freedom to think cut off at the neck by the sword of religious fanaticism.


Our leaders fail to halt the tide they helped to form when meddling in another’s world, without the map of history…. or a back door to leave by. Pandora’s Box stays open and we will all pay the butchers bill. The flotsam and jetsam of consequences, washing up against a tide of political indifference on Europe’s doorstep.




Mike Green is a poet and writer from Plymouth, England who is a popular and well known fixture on the city’s writing scene. He is also the founder of the regular and well attended monthly reading series ‘The Word’ which takes place at the China House on the last Wednesday of every month, under the WonderZoo banner – the literature based arts organisation which organises readings and happenings across the city throughout the year. The Word has seen over the past few years many of the city’s finest poets and writers perform and read including: Kenny Knight, Steve Spence, Terri Nixon, Susmita Bhattacharya, and Tom Vowler.


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