Welcome to the new Journal ‘Exchange.’ (A journal of the Plymouth/Brest Writers Exchange 2016.)

All poet’s and writer’s and reader’s understand this very simple fact: although writing in general is about the life lived and the contact of the individual human being with reality, it is also about the direct act of communication, and the grand exchange of ideas between what has been written on the page, and the reader.

It is as if the poet or the writer tries to contaminate the individual reader with a new spark which moves from reader to reader, a spark which will then the permeates down to the core of society and becomes common place: it is at this point that change takes place.

Yet it is this original spark which is the most dangerous. All new ideas are dangerous! All poets and writers are dangerous. They are always lurking out there in society waiting to pounce! They are always ready to throw a new spark at the reader and illuminate their mind.

Saying that this could easily be a new spark. A place where new ideas come together. A place where everything is about to begins between two groups of writers. One from the South West of England and the City of Plymouth, the other from Brittany in France, and the city of Brest.

What will come out of the meeting of ideas, we have yet to see! But this new web log and journal is a record of this spark and exchange between these two groups of writers and other artists who will be meeting in Plymouth for first time come the end of October 2016.

Being that we will all be sharing the spark around we will be calling this journal: Exchange!

Hopefully here we will be publishing work from writer’s from both sides of the channel; along with other guests. We hope this will always be an interesting and entertaining read which will help develop the spark in all who reads these pages.

Also at some point in the near future we will holding a period of open submissions in which writers and poets and artists from Plymouth and Brest will be able to submit their work for publication, to provide a wider perspective of the work going on in both cities, beyond the core group who took part in the original exchange happening this October.

As always this will be a work in progress as with any journal – but we hope with the publication of each issue you will return here and read some top quality prose and poetry from both sides of the channel. 

Nick Ingram.

October 10th 2016.


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